The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! What good is a political movie without BUTTONS?

This Limited Edition series of five buttons, designed by Mike Wang, is meant to reflect a few of the different perspectives expressed in 11/4/08. Each button has a direct quote from the movie, graphically interpreted by Mike.

Word has it they have arrived in Austin, TX and will soon be making their rounds on assorted unwashed lapels. Not coming to Austin? You can get one of these guys by pledging a donation to the project at Kickstarter. They're only available for the next 5 days, so get your button now! (And separately, e-mail me letting me know which button does it for you.)

Button 1: Obama 3DButton 1: Obama 3DButton 2: Upside DownButton 2: Upside DownButton 3: i-MapButton 3: i-MapButton 4: NumbersButton 4: NumbersButton 5: FraterniteButton 5: Fraternite