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More footage is out there.

It does not matter how good or bad you think your footage is. It doesn't matter what format it was shot on; it could have been shot on a cell phone. It doesn't matter what side of the political spectrum you are on, or where on the global map you were that day. The only rule is that it had to have been shot within your waking hours of November 4, 2008.

Here is how to submit your footage:

  1. Upload your clip(s) to Vimeo. Note: Make sure that under Privacy Settings, you check the box allowing others to download the source video. And if you've just now loaded your video to Vimeo, make sure it's done processing on their end before submitting here.
  2. Create an account on our site using the links at right. You must be logged in with this account on or you will receive an "Access Denied" error.
  3. Copy the URL to your video on Vimeo and add it to our site using the Raw Footage Submission Page.

You can browse the raw footage that has already been submitted here.

Our goal is to encourage users at home—YOU—to download these source videos and edit together your own "film-histories" of 11/4/08.

If you have created your own "film-history," you can upload it to our screening library through the same method:

  1. Upload to Vimeo
  2. Embed your Vimeo URL on our "Film-History" Submission Page.


To allow for open sharing, all video submitted to is licensed through Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. The idea is to encourage a democratization of history. We are all participants, owners and authors of that day.

By submitting this video, you represent that you own the rights to this video and are free to enter into this license. You agree to hold Consensual Cinema, LLC, and its representatives harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, or damages that may arise from the use of your footage on

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