The Politics of Documentaries via PlumTV

- Kyle Rupprecht, Moviemaker Magazine

Jeff Deutchman Captures 11/4/08 by Kyle Rupprecht via Moviemaker Magazine

FilmCatcher Profile: 11/4/08 Curator, Jeff Deutchman by Kate Kotler via FilmCatcher

11/4/08: An Interview with Jeff Deutchman by Farihah Zaman via Huffington Post

Traces of 11/2/10 in a Trip Back to "11/4/08" by Ted Johnson via Variety

Documentary "11/4/08" by Jeff Deutchman, A Review via Caribbean New Yorker

Qlipso Creates Live Channels for Filmbuff, The Genesis Files by David Cohen via WebNewser

Jeff Deutchman's 11/4/08 compilation is a Depressing Reminder for Election Day by James van Maanen via TrustMovies

Remembering a Big Election Moment by Kiki Ryan via Politico

"ONE OF THE MOST AMBITIOUS AND UNIQUE DOCUMENTARIES EVER PUT TOGETHER...paints a wonderful portrait of a time, a place and a people...GENUINE AND REAL."

Review 11/4/08 by Genki via The 8th Circuit

"EMOTIONALLY-ENGAGING...Does a great job of recapturing the palpable anticipation and feverish euphoria."
- Kam Williams, The Sly Fox

11/4/08 Review by Kam Williams via The Sly Fox

'11/4/08': Barack Obama Before the Backlash by Michelle Kung via The Wall Street Journal

Film Clip: '11/4/08' via The Wall Street Journal Interviews Director Jeff Deutchman by Caveman Dave via A Blog 4 Guys

"A great, thought-provoking experience...VISCERALLY SHOCKING...Something that is inherently fragmented - i.e. several dozen reams of haphazard personal footage - can trascend its origins when put together, and watched together...NO ONE PERSPECTIVE COULD EVER BE AS COMPLEX AND THOUGHT-PROVOKING AS ALL THESE MANY VIEWS AND VOICES."
Becky, WTF Is Up With My Love Life?!

11/4/08 - Where were YOU?! by Becky via WTF Is Up With My Love Life?!

“The fun thing about 11/4/08 is that it’s like a Rorschach test. I’ve seen the documentary twice now, months apart, and it seemed quite different on a second viewing. Years from now it’ll be something else, and years after that, too.”
- Christopher Campbell, Cinematical

11/4/08 Review: An Election Day in the Life by Christopher Campbell via Cinematical

Video Interview with 11/4/08 Director Jeff Deutchman by Perri Nemikoff via Cinemablend

Commentary and Q&A 11/4/08 via Tinsel & Tine

"Jeff Deutchman and his contributing filmmakers have created a bit of magic here. It isn’t the usual documentary where I wanted to step away and grab a bite to eat. It isn’t people far removed from us. It is us."
- Sherol, Africana Online

11/4/08: Some Afterthoughts by Sherol via Africana Online

11/4/08: A Revelation of One Day by Sherol via Africana Online

- Kristian, HIFF

A Participatory Documentary by Kristian via HIFF

A Week at HIFF, Part Two by Ed Morita via NonStop Entertainment Honolulu

"#11408 does for the 2008 election what my SOUL MAN essay does for Obama's current administration. #TRUTHBOMB"
- @ArmondWhite (a.k.a. Fake Armond White)

Exclusive: 11/4/08 Clip! via Movieweb

11/4/08 Review by Caveman Dave via A Blog 4 Guys

“In the same way that Obama’s election signaled a major change, perhaps the way this film was and still is being made indicates AN EQUALLY MONUMENTAL REVOLUTION IN THE WAY FILMS CAN BE CREATED.”

“UNIQUE & INTRIGUING. It was a sensational occurrence, and to not document it would almost seem irresponsible.”
- Movies with Abe

11/4/08 Review via Movies with Abe

Audio Interview with Jeff Deutchman by Jamey Duvall via Movie Geeks United

- Kate Kotler, Filmcatcher

Review: 11/4/08 by Kate Kotler via Filmcatcher

“INTRIGUING & OCCASIONALLY CHILLING. Unlike HBO’s somewhat stagnant documentary, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, Deutchman’s film is actually for, about and made by the very people who brought the unlikely candidate to the White House.”

“EXCITING & HEARTBREAKING. Since much of the hype and momentum of the Obama campaign was generated online, what better place to log its history than the internet? BEST VIEWED ONLINE.”
- Matt Fagerholm, Hollywood Chicago

Film Review: '11/4/08' Assembles Interactive Portrait of Fateful Night by Matt Fagerholm via Hollywood Chicago

Do You Know What Happened on 11/4/08? via Vanity Fair 11/4/08 Documentary Filmmaker Jeff Deutchman at Philadelphia Film Festival by Chris Barrett via

“What’s really amazing is how 11/4/08 creates tension with time.”
- David Guzman, All Media NY

How I Spent My Election Day by David Guzman via All Media NY

11/4/08 Revisits America, the World During Obama Election by Laura Carroll via Global Shift

Flashback 11/4/08 by Jared Moshe via indieWIRE Weblog

11/4/08 errupts again and again with moments of joy, hope, heartache, feelings of destiny, and a powerful sense of community.”
- Eric Hoyt, HASTAC

Participating in Electing Obama (And Avoiding His Motorcade) by Eric Hoyt via HASTAC

11/4/08 Premieres Tonight in Select Cities by Nick Brown via The Daily Blam!

"If Jeff Deutchman is still fluttering around on a November '08 nostalgia high then he needs to find the right medication and comes down to earth and deal with the here-and-now."
- Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood Elsewhere

No More Happy by Jeffrey Wells via Hollywood Elsewhere

Where Were You on 11/4/08? by Lela Scott MacNeil via Rooftop Films

2010 Holiday Movie Guide by Stephen Saito via IFC News

'11/4/08' Exclusive Clip: An Obama Victory Leads To Dancing In The Streets by Tom DiChiara via MTV

“Pushing the boundaries of both production and distribution methods, 11/4/08 SEEMS LIKE A FILM FROM THE FUTURE.”
- Zach Wigon,

11/4/08: A New Wave of Filmmaking by Zach Wigon via

“AN ENORMOUS UNDERTAKING. A fine historic document of change.”
- Charles Ealy, Austin Statesman

11/4/08 Doc by Charles Ealy via Austin Statesman

Interview: Filmmaker Jeff Deutchman Revisits Historic Election in 11/4/08 by Matt Fagerholm via HollywoodChicago

The Documentary Blog Podcast, Episode 4

- NCIndieSeen

Indie Pick O'The Day: 11/4/08 via NCIndieSeen

Trailer Premiere: 11-4-08 Revisits That Optimistic Night America Elected Barack Obama by S.T. Vanairsdale via Movieline

11/4/08 SHOWS THE MOMENT EXACTLY AS IT HAPPENED. I can imagine this’ll be a film shown in classrooms in years to come.”
- Charlotte Cook, The Documentary Blog

11/4/08 Review by Charlotte Cook via The Documentary Blog

- Perri Nemikoff, Shockya

11/4/08 Movie Review by Perri Nemiroff via

- Michael Tully, Hammer To Nail

October VOD Report by Michael Tully via Hammer To Nail

The Chicago International Film Festival: The City Celebrates the Silver Screen by Megan Anderluh via Chicago Maroon

SnagFilms & Hamptons Fest Launch "Midterm Madness" Series by Brian Brooks via indieWIRE

Obama election documentary takes me back to the glory days - of the Boondocks by Matt Sager via Comics Cavern

Two Political Films You Should See at Theatre N via Delaware Liberal

This Blogger's PIFF Screening Schedule by Le Anne Lindsay

Philadelphia Film Festival Preview by Carrie Rickey via

- John Lichman, White House Correspondents

4600 Hours for A Life In A Day by John Lichman via White House Correspondents Insider

- Pam Nadon, The Longboat Observer

11/4/08 Review by Pam Nadon via The Longboat Observer

Sundance 2011: Jeff Deutchman, Ridley Scott and the "History-Making" Doc That Isn't Making History by AJ Schnack via All These Wonderful Things

Ridley Scott Developing Doc by Jeff Leins via News in Film

Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald Team Up For Crowd-Sourcing Documentary Life in a Day by Charlotte Cook via Film Junk

"While Life in a Day is being sold as "the first user-generated feature-length documentary shot in one day," that title has already been achieved by at least one film, Jeff Deutchman's 11/4/08, which compiles footage shot by filmmakers from around the world on that titular day in which Barack Obama was elected President of the United States."
- Christopher Campbell, Cinematical

Help Contribute to Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald's 'Life in a Day' by Christopher Campbell via Cinematical

Video Driving Facebook? We're A Fan of That by John Lichman via White House Correspondents Insider

SXSW Alum 11/4/08 Gets a Running Mate via

FilmBuff picks up Obama documentary by Gregg Kilday via Hollywood Reporter

FilmBuff picks 11/4/08 doc and elects for October Release by Jeremy Kay via ScreenDaily

Election Day Doc '11/4/08' Picked Up by FilmBuff by Peter Knegt via indieWIRE

11/4/08 OFFERS ANOTHER WAY TO THINK ABOUT HISTORY. The symbols in this documentary invite you to watch, absorb, and interpret.”
- Cynthia Fuchs, Pop Matters

11/4/08 Shows Obama As A Symbol by Cynthia Fuchs via Pop Matters

Lena Dunham recommends 11/4/08 via Museyon Guides

"There’s another election movie from this particularly historic presidential election. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this guy, he’s sort of the Sam Peckinpah of documentarians. His name is Jeff Deutchman."
- Michael Tully, Hammer To Nail

A [Drunken] Conversation with AJ Schnack & Nate Truesdell by Michael Tully via Hammer To Nail

Futures: "11/4/08" Director Jeff Deutchman by Brian Brooks via indieWIRE

Seven Must-See Sarasota Film Festival 2010 Vanguard Gems via The 941: The Blog of the Suncoast

Filmmaker Starts a Movement by Jay Handelman via Sarasota Herald Tribune

Doc Talk: Loose Change(s), 9/11 and '11/4/08' by Christopher Campbell via Cinematical

Film's Shifting Definition in a Transmedia Age by Stephen Saito via IFC News

- Jared Moshe, indieWIRE Blog

Living History by Jared Moshe via indieWIRE: A Weblog

A Conversation with Jeff Deutchman by Michael Tully via Hammer to Nail

Is This What Historic Change Looks Like? by Alex Sherman via

- Zach Wigon, Paper Magazine

Election Returns: Director Jeff Deutchman on his Election Night Documentary 11/4/08 by Zachary Wigon via Paper Magazine

Searching for Truth at SXSW: An Audio Interview with Jeff Deutchman by Mekado Murphy via The New York Times

Henry Joost's SXSW Diary via

SXSW Film Wrap Up via An Aussie & New Zealand SXSW Blog

“Recalling Depression-era efforts at full-day documentation…the film frenetically records an instantaneous world reaction to a single momentous occasion.”
- Michael King, The Austin Chronicle

The Austin Chronicle Review by Michael King

- Robert Saucedo, Inside Pulse

Inside Pulse Review by Robert Saucedo

“Evokes feelings of nostalgia and pride that we were able to participate in such a monumental milestone.”
- Tara Kumar & Whitney Wegner, Washington Life Magazine

SXSW Day 4 - Pride & Nostalgia by Tamar Kumar & Whitney Wegner via Washington Life Magazine

Three Documentaries via A Hill of Beans by Rick Weller

SXSW 2010: Still Crazy After All These Years by Farihah Zaman via Huffington Post

Snapshots from a Weekend for New Movies in Austin by Brian Brooks via indieWIRE

"11/4/08 SHINES...has the power of a double-barreled shotgun blast...Robert Drew would be proud of the direct cinema distillation of pure human experience on display."
- Stephen Saito, IFC News

Reliving the Obama Drama on 11/4/08: A Review by Stephen Saito via IFC News

What Does Documentary History Look Like in an Interactive World?: A Panel Review by Samantha Pitchel via Rare

Evil Monito on 11/4/08

Interview with Jeff Deutchman via indieWIRE

SXSW Preview by Michael Tully via Hammer to Nail

“A collage of democracy and emotion that’s sure to remind us of the power of politics on one of its better days.”
- Austinist

Austinist on 11/4/08

"Watching the film you're reminded how it felt for so much of the country to have so much hope."
- Ari Berman, The Nation

Remember 11/4/08? by Ari Berman via The Nation

11/4/08 Poster Premiere by Peter Hall via Cinematical

Colin's Trailer Park reviews the 11/4/08 Trailer by Colin Campbell via

"I can highly recommend you see 11/4/08...Goes well beyond just telling a story of which we know the ending."
- Brian Newman, Springboard Media

11/4/08 and Participatory Filmmaking by Brian Newman via Springboard Media

"Thinking a lot about @jeffdeutchman's 11/4/08. More provocative than I had expected. Full review to come."
- Michael Tully, Hammer To Nail

Michael Tully's Tweet about 11/4/08

Interview with Jeff Deutchman by Claiborne Smith via

Time Capsuling Obama's Election Day by Scott Macaulay via Filmmaker Magazine

The Documentary Blog on 11/4/08

Manhattan Young Democrats on 11/4/08

A Groundhog Day of My Own Creation: Crowdsourcing 11/4/08 by Jeff Deutchman via

Remembering 11/4/08, Before the Cynicism by Rachel Sklar via

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