Chicago Film Fest Award!


11/4/08 has been awarded the Special Achievement in Interactive Filmmaking by the Chicago International Film Festival!

On October 20, the film will screen as part of the festival's INTERCOM program -- which will coincide with our One Night Only multi-city screening event. The Chicago screening will be free to the public.

Up to 18 Screens!

As previously announced...

On October 20, for one night only, 11/4/08 will screen simultaneously throughout the country to be followed by a live streaming Q&A.

We are up to 18 screens! Check where you can see the film here.

Traverse City Panel

On Saturday, July 31, Jeff Deutchman will be on Traverse City's annual "documentary smack down" panel, during which Michael Moore will get some of TCFF10's great nonfiction filmmakers to tell stories that will make the local NPR station wish they hadn't agreed to broadcast the panels!

See details here.

Michael Moore's Traverse City Film Festival

Michael Moore has selected 11/4/08 for his Traverse City Film Festival! If you're in Michigan, please join us for the screening. Jeff will be there to do a Q&A.

August 1, 6pm @ City Opera House in Traverse City, Michigan

Tickets are currently on sale here.

Ridley & Me

It was recently announced that Sundance and YouTube are partnering for a Ridley Scott-produced, Kevin Macdonald-directed film called Life in a Day, which will consist of footage collected from all over the world that was shot on July 24, 2010.

Indianapolis Film Festival

Next stop is Indianapolis.

11/4/08 will be screening on Saturday, July 24 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Tickets are currently on sale here.

If you know anyone who's going to be out there, please send them our way...

11/4/08 to Hit Screens of All Sizes in October through Cinetic Filmbuff!

I'm thrilled to announce that 11/4/08 has been picked up by Cinetic Filmbuff for an October release. See the full story here.

This is a unique project so it requires a creative distribution strategy...

NYC Sneak Preview

11/4/08 will be coming to NYC by way of an exclusive sneak preview screening at Stranger Than Fiction.

Tuesday, June 15, 8pm
IFC Center
323 Sixth Avenue
at W. 4th Street, NYC

Click here to buy your ticket now!
Do not wait, as this is currently the only scheduled screening in New York.



The next stop on the 11/4/08 tour will be the Sarasota Film Festival.

This calls for another Great Schlep!

If you know anyone in Florida who shot footage on 11/4/08, please encourage them to upload their footage ASAP.


The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived! What good is a political movie without BUTTONS?

This Limited Edition series of five buttons, designed by Mike Wang, is meant to reflect a few of the different perspectives expressed in 11/4/08. Each button has a direct quote from the movie, graphically interpreted by Mike.  More »